About Us

It's all about you...

When memory fades, the photographs from your wedding day are some of the only things that you will keep and cherish forever. It is important to invest carefully in these moments.

Our Belief

At Blue Iris, we believe that people are most beautiful when allowed the freedom to be candid and natural...being true to who they really are. We are simply here as observers and artists, having the privilege of capturing the love, emotion and beauty of your day.

We believe in wedding photography as an art form and are committed to providing our clients with images that will reflect the uniqueness of who they are as a couple.

About the Photographers

Jennifer and Gary O'Neil are a husband/wife team of photographers. Married and shooting professionally for 17 years, they truly love each other and their two girls, Audrey and Sophia.

We are here because of our passion for love and photography. We record love in all it's forms. We adore all of our amazing clients, and many of them become lasting friends. Our style is creative, classic and candid. We strive to create visually stunning images filled with emotion to always look back on.

You understand and appreciate the importance of photographs and so do we. Your photos are a new generation of family heirlooms and should be appreciated and celebrated every day. We are here to help you capture them.

Your Wedding Day Experience

What kind of experience do you want to have on your wedding day?

Picture yourself - calm, confident, remarkable with many smiles and even more laughter as Blue Iris captures the fleeting moments of your wedding day forever.

Your day. Your love.

Your timeless beauty through a modern lens.

Take the next step in capturing those memories...